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Featured Skater – Cause #73

Q – This Saturday is our first home game of the season and it’s happening right here in Brandon! How excited are you to play right here at the Kinsmen Arena?

A – I am happy to be in Brandon for our first Home game of the season! It’s such a treat to be able to play in the city, I hope crowds come out to cheer on the team!

Q – As an experienced skater what do you find is the most important thing you bring to the table as a mentor?

A – I find what is easiest for me to teach is strategy. I enjoy that part of the game the most, being a smart player making good choices and being a team player are very important to me so I always try to practice what I preach.

Q – Your two daughters play on the Smashers Elite Junior team as well as Scarlet Fever. They competed in Eugene, Oregon in May and will now be traveling to Loveland, Colorado to compete in the Junior Roller Derby Association Champs! Do you enjoy watching them compete at that level?

A – I enjoy watching competitive derby for all ages, but I do take pride in the hard work my girls have put forth in order to compete at that level. Watching the kids skate at the level makes me excited for the future of adult derby!!

Q – As a part of the training team how rewarding do you find it when strategic plays we work on come together during a game?

A – It’s always fantastic to see what you have taught come into play. Pack maintenance/power jam strategies…..you will never hear me say no to practicing that!

Q – What are some of your personal goals as a skater in 2017?

A – Honestly I am not sure I have any, I do know that this season has been awesome for me as a strategic player and being able to teach that to my full capacity with no limits has been great, so maybe just that, teaching everything I can, and having eager ears and brains apply them!