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Breaking News!!! Our 2017 season is about to begin but it will be a different season for WCRDL as our main travel team Gang Green will be on hiatus.


It means we will still be hosting many very exciting roller derby events this season featuring our second team Scarlet Fever as well as our Junior Team Frostbite. If you were fortunate enough to see Scarlet Fever in action last season you know it is a team made up of a talented pool of WCRDL skaters, some of whom include advanced juniors and Gang Green transplants.

Our season officially begins on April 1st when Scarlet heads to Winnipeg to play the Brawlers. Our first home game is scheduled for June 24th against Kenora, Ontario and there will be many more to follow.

In the coming weeks please check out our fan page for pictures from our photoshoot with Photography By Hugo Girouard and for interviews with skaters, referees, NSO’s and Volunteers!! We are super excited about 2017 and we hope you are too!!