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We are SUPER proud of our junior skaters Kaye and No Heart who played with the Smalltown Smashers at The Big O tournament in Eugene, Oregon this past weekend. The team SMASHED all expectations and had fun doing it! We asked them some questions before they left for Oregon and this is what they had to say.

Q – You both play on a team with adults and the Smashers, which is a junior team. What do you find the biggest differences are playing with/against adults as compared with juniors?

Kaye – I find it more aggressive playing with juniors, since we are younger and don’t have the factor of making sure we are still moving so we can go to our job the next day which supports our family, you know? Juniors tend to also play a really fast game, it’s important that we remember to slow it down and don’t let a hustle and bustle of this great sport catch us off guard. And playing with adults gives me this confidence that I don’t think I would have while just playing with juniors. I feel strong and worthy because I am a girl, playing with women and playing up to their skills.

No Heart – Smashers is the junior team and I also find it more aggressive with them because we are playing against kids and we don’t have to support a family playing with adults I find to be more I guess organized because they all know how to act and aren’t constantly trying to talk to people

Q – Traveling to skate with the Smashers takes a lot of time and dedication. What do each of you enjoy most about playing with that team?

Kaye – I enjoy being able to play with a bunch of teenage girls from all these small towns and just kicking ass. It’s really cool to have a team made up of people from Brandon to Saskatoon, and all be able to jive well together and just play. Having that common goal to succeed in every game is what unites us, it’s awesome.

No Heart – I enjoy playing with the smashers because they are all around my age and I know how to talk and i feel like I can be more of a leader type in the smashers

Q – What have you been doing off track to prepare for this upcoming tournament?

Kaye – I just got to make sure I’m taking care of my body, giving it time to rest, icing and heating when it needs it. Keeping my body in tip top shape is extremely important. And mentally just getting myself into the zone as well. Thinking about derby, thinking about plays, thinking about success, setting personal and team goals to achieve. Just really amping myself up is important as well

No Heart – I’ve been really trying to get the plays down packed so I could make sure I remember what all of them are and getting my head mentality ready to be playing such awesome teams there

Q – What are your personal goals for The Big O?

Kaye – I naturally want to have fun, that’s always a good goal. Make sure I’m playing the sport I love because I love it. I also got I make sure to get out of my head and be super track aware, I am getting better and better, and the first game i had this season with scarlet fever was probably the best game I ever played when it game to track awareness, so maintaining that. Making sure I use my edges, and get low are good ones too, just really utilizing all the skills I have. I also just want to crush a soul, if I can crush at least one soul during the tournament, I’ll come out feeling like a winner!!

No Heart – My personal goals for this tournament is to play the best I can and to help my team bring home a win also to not get seriously hurt

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