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Some of our fans may have noticed this skater on the sidelines this season. Check out this interview to get the scoop!

Featured Skater – Holey Mow-zez!

Q – Hey! You’re not on the track this season! What’s up?

A – It’s true – I’ve been off of contact since early April due to the fact that I’m having a baby this October! Rest assured I’m still on the track with the league twice a week at helping run practises and set up drills – just sadly (and for safety) no more hitting for the time being.

Q – You’ve stayed involved with the league. What have you been doing?

A – I’ve held onto my position as Training Team Chair thus far and have been working with the Training Team to help facilitate and structure practises twice week. We’ve been working on a new practise format and we think it’s been working pretty well. I’ve also filled in to play “coach” a few times and will continue to do so as long as the need is there. So mostly – I’ve been doing a lot of YELLING!

Q – What have been your biggest challenges adjusting to this change?

A – The biggest challenge obviously has been cutting out the contact (which has always been my favorite part of derby). I’ve always maintained that I love getting hit as much as I love hitting other people – so to be less physical at practise and participating in less of the drills (and no scrimmages) has been hard. Bout days are hard, too, since there’s SO MUCH BUILD UP (which you also experience as a skater) but no physical release to work it out. Luckily the last 2 bouts Scarlett has had me pretty captivated on the bench – something I hoped for but never really expected. I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a selfish skater – I love playing the game. Our Coach last season likened my distaste for watching any sport, including my own, to be about as ridiculous as if he were a “drummer that didn’t listen to music”. A valid point indeed and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that I can be connected to the game from the sidelines after all! I imagine it’s the connection to my leaguemates that makes me care, from all the time we put in together as they change and grow. Don’t get me wrong I still haven’t recreationally watched any high-level derby this season (which I’m sure continues to stunt my development)! I’ve noticed at our bouts, though, I’m getting better at “paying attention to the things” – as a person who plays mostly by instinct strategy and rules aren’t always my strong suit. I still need to ask the bench sometimes why certain calls were made and am happy to take suggestions from people that are on the track experiencing the game as it unfolds.

Q – Do you have an estimated return to skates date?

A – When will I be back on skates for reals? Like rocking people again?! It’s hard to say. What I love to think and say is that when baby shows up in October (in time for our tentative off season) I’ll have a 3-month stretch until things wind up again in January. If we run Fresh Meat in January (also tentative) it’s a bit lighter duty – I like to pretend that I could take that on and get some new folks ready and myself at the same time. Obviously I have no idea what it’s going to be like – being a Mom. I try not to get too set on any one idea or plan since the best way to not be frustrated in life seems to be to adapt and be open to change. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself. My co-pilot, Codey, is extremely supportive and I do feel like if I need to “get away” twice a week he will make sure I can. How I feel about it when the time comes, I understand, is something completely different! For now I’ve told everyone that my intent is to come back as soon as possible – but maybe they should think as if I’m not – just in case. I know in life a person needs to try to be “ready for anything” so I’m hoping my league-mates are, too. No matter when it is I know the roller derby world hasn’t seen the last of Holey Mow-zes!