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Hella Hail #32

Q – Last season was your first jamming with Gang Green as well as Scarlet Fever. How has your experience jamming with both teams helped you?

A – I got lots of exposure to many different styles of play. It’s helped me realize where my strengths and weaknesses are as well as it’s made me a more adaptable jammer.

Q – You recently travelled to Regina with WCRDL to attend a training camp with high level coaches. How important would you say it is for skaters of all skill levels to attend those sorts of events and what were some of your favorite things you took away from it?

A – It is most important. With this particular camp you get a season’s worth of knowledge in a couple days. As a beginner skater you can fast-track your development, as an advanced skater you can get the edge on competition later in the year. There are so many things I’m taking away from it. I’m having a hard time deciding what to work on first. I learnt a more effective way to take out skaters stronger then me – that will be helpful! And for fun I learnt a new way to Juke!

Q – You have a hockey background. Do you find that has been an asset to you in derby and if so which skills translate best to roller derby?

A – It has definitely been an asset. Being able to change direction fast and people awareness, knowing where the other players around me are – because they can be sneaky! The most fun skill that translated was juking (deeking) for sure.

Q – You have played all positions. Which are you most comfortable with and why is that?

A – I’m most comfortable jamming because I’ve done it more than the other positions. But also the figure skater in me still wants her own space!